This is the boring part, this is where I just wanted to take a moment just to thank people and make sure people realise I appreciate everything they have done for me.


So like any Oscar Winning Acceptance Speech, also with a small rolling tear. I would like to thank my family for without them especially my mum and dad I wouldn't even be here I would not be the person I am today so thanks family look at what you have done.


I always believe that you are who you are by the experiences you have in life. My experiences are shaped by me and the people I share them with. Which is why I want to thank everyone I ever met in my life. Any job I have done and place I have been to, you have helped me to shape my life and make me the person I am today so thank you so much.


But I can't just put everyone under a general thank you, there are some people I have to thank especially for there influence on my life. I know have done my parents already but I'm doing this in order so bare with me.


Thank you mum thank you dad. Without you I would have not been brought up with my values, my views on life. I basically would not be where I am today without you. All though I guess I should also thank the fish tank. If you ever get to meet them, you can ask them to tell what that means.


Next I must thank my friend Nikki Allen, after all it was with her help that I attended my first beginners drama class. Who with the help of Kerry Ayers who ran the course, I got my taste for the business and from there on my desire to perform grew.


Next I must thank the people of the Playhouse Harlow for whom gave me a place to grow, develop and be supported in such a great theatrical environment. I want thank Brian Herring for his words of wisdom parted to me while toiling over many costumes we were making.


And last of all I must thank my greatest friend Josette Paveley who has been there for me to support me and see me through all the rough times and be there with me through all the good times without her support I can honestly say I would not be here today.


Thank you everyone who has been in my life at some point you have all effected me and I cherish everyone of you.

David x