Part Played

Wishee Washee




Barry Evans


Once again I find myself in the fantasy world of Pantomime. In a van with all the set and props touring the country broadening the minds of children we meet.


We all know the story of Aladdin. No this isnít the Disney Version there is no Jaffer heís called Abanazar and no Abu heís called Wishee Washee, ME!. The story tells of Aladdins struggle to become rich and his discovery of the LAMP. This whole journey made harder by the dimwitted help from his mother Widow Twanky and his best friend Wishee Washee.

My Role

Well as you can see by the Bright orange cloths and the

backwards hat and the rosy cheeks and the specialty of mine the gormlous look on my face. Iím playing the audiences friend.


This time I play Wishee Washee the best friend of Aladdin. Heís tries to help Aladdin. Iím sure you can guess the story. Wishee is pure of heart

and lacking of brains.


As I have said before this is a great role to play. I had even more fun this time, This was my second time on tour and I knew what I was up against.


So I took the character and had as much fun with it as I

can. I tried my hardest to corpse people and I loved every minute

of it and I would love to do it again.