Blithe Spirit

Part Played



Production Manager

Playhouse Theatre Harlow

Jim Thompson

A black and very Witty comedy written by Noel Coward set in the 1940ís based on middle class England. Charles and Ruth (married after Charlesís first wife came to her untimely death) hold a sťance with the help of Madame Arcarti, with the most unexpected results.


Charles finds himself struggling with the return of his dead wife Elvira, whom only he can see until...?

My Role

Blithe Spirit gave me the luxury of no stage nerves because I took the role of Production Manager. But nerves were replaced by stress as this would be my first time outing as a Production Manager.


The main issue I faced was budgeting ourselves enough money to be able to recreate the inside of a 1950ís middle class house, as well as design build and operate all the complex special effects. Like doors that open and close by themselves, grammar phones that play themselves and someone appearing out of nowhere?


Also Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to build and operate a majority of the set too. All in all though a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.