My Role

Dick Whittington

Part Played




Idle Jack

Playhouse Theatre Harlow

Phil Dale

For those of you who are still young at heart, Dick Whittington is an age old story of good versus evil and the uniting of spirits and hearts to win the day.


As Dick leaves home to seek his fortune in London where he battles with The Rat King and falls in love with beautiful Alice.


This Story Lined with all the traditional slapstick comedy styling of pantomime, it’s fun for all the family

With Dick Whit, I started out as a part of the senior chorus, for a couple of shows I played a ‘Chirpy Cockney’ and a sailor by the name of ‘Howitt’ and also a ‘Sultans Guard’.


But fortunately for me (but not for the other guy) I had to step in and take over the role as understudy for ‘Idle Jack’ the audiences friend, which I was a little shocked by as we had just finished our matinee show when the director told me I would be taking the role over for the majority of the run. Which I did bar the last performance.


Although I didn’t grumble, the audiences friend is an exhilarating role to play giving you the freedom to laugh and joke in character.


Also in this show I had a large hand in wardrobe, making and redesigning a majority of the rat costumes. Which was extremely tedious as there were about 60 to do in all from closes to bodies to face masks. But in the end it was worth it.