Forest of The Damned

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Gatlin Pictures

Barry Evans

March 06

Tom Savini

Shaun Hutson

Dan Van Husen

There is a myth that in the heart of Miranda Forest there dwell beautiful nymph creatures that were once angels. Thrown out of

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heaven after they became infected with human emotions of lust and sexual desire they now roam the forest, luring unsuspecting victims with their beauty before seducing them and then gruesomely killing them. The myth goes that these creatures can only see you if you look at them directly but that once you have gazed into their eyes you are forever bewitched by their exquisite form. Now five teenagers are going to discover that there is more to this than just myth and that there are some places you don't want to stop and there are some places you don't .

want to go and there are some places that will never ever let you leave

My Role

Well this like all horror movies is made to shock and to scare and you know that guy you always like and then dies and you think thatís not fair, well thatís me. I was that guy.

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It was a fun part to play, I didnít say much, but I had some fun scenes. I die twice in the movie and I got to go to Wales . I was one of the only three characters to be on screen with Tom Savini so the goes well for me. The character didnít require a lot of motivation really because the part of Andrew was shaped so I was basically playing myself on screen which is flattering to say the least. So all in all with long and

 hard days and nights the experience was a good one.