Jack And The Beanstalk


Part Played

Barmy Village Idiot




Leon Ousby


As once again we revisit the fantastic world of pantomime. This version of Jack And The Beanstalk adapted for this touring company crams in all the effects and thrills you can get in the back of a van.


But still telling the story of a boys struggle to win over greed and corruption and the ones he loves. But sometimes his main problem is just sheer stupidity.

My Role

Jack and the beanstalk gave me my second opportunity to play a loveable audiences friend role this time I was called

'Barmy' 'The Village Idiot'.


It is a most liberating character, as long as you can be like me and have the confidence to let yourself go and totally revert yourself to child like state. Basically what I mean is you don't mind getting on stage and making a

complete fool of yourself and have a whole audience of

people laugh at you.


Also because this was a touring panto company you have to build and strike your own set and sound system. I had an extra duty also the troops designated navigator. which let me tell you is no fun at all.