Once A Catholic

Part Played



Mr Emmanuelle

Assistant Director

Playhouse Studio Harlow

Kerry Ayers


A play written by Mary O’Malley set in a 1950’s convent of ‘Our Lady Of Fatima’ -a grammar school for girls, around the streets of Wilsden and Harlesdon.


A funny and irreverent comedy based on the authors school days in the

London convent. The play depicts the resilience of children to survive, inspite of, not because of their upbringing or indoctrination.


Showing the struggles of youth and teenage life against the constraints of the faith.

My Role

As Mr Emmanuelle I had the difficulty of not only having to pretend to be a 60 ‘ish’ man at the age of 19, but also I had to portray myself as an ex-opera singer turned teacher, with shrapnel damage to the leg, oh and also he was gay.


This did prove to be difficult at the start to create my character as oh yes I also had to have a ‘European’ accent. But once I climbed that hill I rode it all the way to a fantastic show.

‘Harlow Star’