Our Day Out

Part Played



Mr Briggs

Playhouse Studio Harlow

Kerry Ayers


Sad, funny, humorous and true to life is this play by Willy Russell. It tells the story of a bunch of underprivileged, remedial school children who are taken on a day’s outing by their teachers, liberalist  Mrs Kay and authoritarian Mr Briggs.


A cheerful celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up and being free from school, but also a sharp pointer to the depressing and empty future for these comprehensive

no-hopers, for whom a day out is as much as they can expect.

My Role

Most people know the story of ‘Our Day Out’ most people I talk to have either done this or seen it or studied it at some point in their life.

‘Harlow Star’


Mr Briggs while he embodies all the things you hate about all your old school teachers is a very enjoyable character to play. Giving you the opportunity to shout and order people around. But the best part of the character is not the fact that you get to sing ‘Instructions Of Enjoyment’ , ‘Straight Line’ , ‘Castle Song’


because after all the shouting and insults thrown at the children, you get to show the

soft underbelly of the character and show that he does actually care about the kids in his own special way.