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Thank you for taking the time to get to me, I hope you have the constitution? I will let you into my life and what got me where I am today, starting at the beginning and ending at the end. Also you can have a look at what are supposed to be some of the most embarrassing photos of your life 'your childhood.


The only problem I have when reliving my childhood is that I have a terrible memory, Iím like a sieve! I have been through quite a lot in so few years, which makes me feel like an old sole. That is why I think I have blocked out a lot of my memories growing up, because they arenít all of the nicest of memories?


But I can tell you I was always a very happy baby as you can see by the photos I always had a big smile on my face. Although as I grew up, the smile started to fade away.


Once I found myself old enough to go to school, I found life not so fun anymore? As I grew up through school I become more and more isolated and the recipient of more verbal and emotional abuse. To this day I do wish I had never been bullied as a child, because it made what is supposed to be of the most fun and carefree times of your life, one of the most painful and upsetting times in my life. But as I always say I canít hate anyone for it without that pain in my life I wouldn't where I am now.


I was one of those kids who always had a few people to hang around with but never felt like I had friends. I didn't speak up in class and was one of the quiet kids.


But the defining point in my life was when I went to college. By this time I had settle myself into being a teenager and the effects puberty has on me. I saw this as a new start in my life, I wasn't going to be bullied or sit quietly in the corner while life passed me by. People from now on would hear my voice and would know Iím coming. I got myself some friends and it was those friends that helped me take the leap into drama, which once upon a time I was to afraid to do.


With friends and drama in my life I began to change, my confidence grew and I became happy with myself once again. Once I left college I moved away from home for a time, started to experience life. I came back and did more and more shows, and within the space of a year I got the lead in a musical then did a panto. After that I left home again became a redcoat at Butlins Skegness. After a season there I did a touring panto. Now I have moved in with my lovely girlfriend in London and Iím moving my career in acting forward.


Well that is a very brief out line of my life just, to make it easier to understand me and what makes me tick. While a lot of who I am today has come from the change I forced on myself, some of it is due to people in my life and to them I pay a special

thank you in my ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. Go on have a look you never know you might be in there.


A long the way I have met many people who have hindered me and who have helped me. Also many people I recommend for in the business not sure who to have your photos done by or have your hair cut by or where to get your make up well keep and eye on WHO I RECOMMEND. They are the people I use and I trust with my business.


Now come on donít dwell on my personality have a look around

and see whatís on offer? thanks for stopping by!