Peter Simons’

Run The Risk

Part Played



Production Assistant

Starring Ex BBC Children’s TV star and current host of Bid Up Dot TV Peter Simon. With his live stage adaptation of the Children’s TV game show ‘Run The Risk’


With all the same thrills and spills (that will be the gunge) and prises as before, but with the added entertainment that children can bring to a live unedited performance.

My Role

You're called a production assistants but that is the technical name, really you're are the one brought out to get covered in gunge and have people laugh at you.


In this game show I was there to obtain the children from the audience as contestants and help them out throughout the show. Looking out for the safety and to help them with what they don't understand and to be the butt of all the jokes.


I have to admit I loved doing this show I remember watching it when I was a kid and always thought I would love to do it and now I have.