The Damed Gallery

Well surpassingly enough no one ever feel down the stairs seeing as there were no rails.

The view from the back room which is where we had our make-up done and the room you see in the one I die in the second time round

Look at that food. See that bowl can you see the maggots

Well this is the Creepy House but in the light of day it doesnít look all that scary but trust me a night itís creepy. Have a look on the inside. yuck!

See look at that kitchen. You canít see it in the picture but that sink is swimming in maggots. Yummy

And from the other you can just see Maria doing some make-up

We arrived to film at daytime and then we ran over so long we shot the scene at night

And what movie would be the same without itís Scooby Doo van. courtesy of the Austrain camera guys

Ah isnít it a very beautiful waterfall. But guess what itís bloody freezing. We shot the scenes in that water in September so it was cold and we were in there for about 15 minutes.

Arenít they thety just lovely pieces of art work, infact they were done by Gary the Still Photographer. What a crazy mind.

This is an abandoned milking shed, not nice especially at night.

This hill in the forest I had to run up and down about 5 times before they had the shot they wanted. i got cuts on my ankles and everything.

But still it is really beautiful and at one point the the floor of the water does disappear but I wasnít going under to find the bottom.

Meet Shaun Hutson the author after we have had a go at him. We all look dead at some point

See even the girls are killed she was dragged down the road. Good make-up though.

See look this is the point where Iím made up to look dead well my second death. Thatís what I look like in the morning

Ah the leading lady the only one who doesnít die, oh well nasty cut on her head anyway.

And this is Maria they one who makes up look so lovely and dead and also fantastic at getting rid of those pesky spots.

Can you tell which one is in make-up?

See donít I look like Iím enjoying myself, when all I can think of is get me out of this freezing cold water! Thatís acting.

And the famous Tom Savini playing the mad Stephen. By the way Tom i have your fake thumb if your wondering?

My audition for the new tango advert!

Well they are just a few of the best bits of the shoot, but if are paths cross you might get to see the bits that shouldnít be seen, mainly Jo and John drunk, which was a regular occurrence!

The Gang Scooby Doo Style!

Tom and I Buddies!